Which method on the session object can be used to remove an object from the cache?

Which method on the session object can be used to remove an object from the cache?

Here evict() is used to remove a particular object from cache associated with session, and clear() method is used to remove all cached objects associated with session. So they are essentially like remove one and remove all.

Does hibernate cache objects?

In the Hibernate session is the hibernate’s first-level cache and SessionFactory is a second-level cache. So both (session/session-factory) are objects in a heap area. That means the cache is stored in the RAM only. And because of that, it gives faster access to data rather than databases.

What is the first level cache in hibernate?

Hibernate support two type of cache one is first level cache and other is second level cache. First level cache is a session level cache and it is always associated with session level object. This type of cache is used for minimizing Db interaction by caching the state of the object.

How many SessionFactory objects can we have in your application?

So in short it is – SessionFactory objects are one per application and Session objects are one per client. Hence it would be one SessionFactory per DataSource. Your application may have more than one DataSource so you may have more than one SessionFactory in that instance.

Can we create multiple SessionFactory in hibernate?

hibernateā€ package. Session factory is long live multithreaded object. Usually one session factory should be created for one database. When you have multiple databases in your application you should create multiple SessionFactory object.

What is SessionFactory in Spring MVC?

LocalSessionFactoryBean creates a Hibernate SessionFactory . This is the usual way to set up a shared Hibernate SessionFactory in a Spring application context. HibernateTransactionManager binds a Hibernate Session from the specified factory to the thread, potentially allowing for one thread-bound Session per factory.

How do I create a hibernate SessionFactory in spring?

Let’s see what are the simple steps for hibernate and spring integration:

  1. create table in the database It is optional.
  2. create applicationContext. xml file It contains information of DataSource, SessionFactory etc.
  3. create Employee.
  4. create employee.
  5. create EmployeeDao.
  6. create InsertTest.

What is Dao in spring?

DAO stands for Data Access Object. Initialization of data access object, resource management and transaction management and exception handling are the main parts of persistence framework. Spring data access framework is provided to integrate with different persistence frameworks like JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, iBatis etc.

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