Where is the Tnsnames Ora file located?

Where is the Tnsnames Ora file located?


How do I change the path of Tnsnames Ora?


  1. On the desktop Right-click on My Computer and select Properties > Advanced tab.
  2. Click the Environment Variables button.
  3. In the System variables section click the New button.
  4. Enter a variable name of TNS_ADMIN then enter a variable value of the path to the TNSNAMES.
  5. Click OK.

How do I turn off Oracle Grid services?

Stopping and Restarting Oracle Restart for Maintenance Operations

  1. Prepare to run SRVCTL as described in “Preparing to Run SRVCTL”.
  2. Use the SRVCTL utility to stop the components managed by Oracle Restart in an Oracle home: srvctl stop home -o oracle_home -s state_file [-t stop_options] [-f]
  3. If you are patching an Oracle Grid Infrastructure home, then disable and stop Oracle Restart.

What is the difference between Crsctl start CRS and Crsctl start cluster?

crsctl start crs : To start the entire Oracle Clusterware stack on a node, including the OHASD process,which is responsible for starting up all other cluserware processes . This command is to be used only on the local node.. crsctl start cluster : To start Oracle Clusterware stack on local node .

How do I stop Clusterware?

To stop Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM instances on all nodes in the cluster, you can enter a single command: crsctl stop cluster -all .

How do I shutdown a cluster database?

Just follow the below steps :

  1. Shutdown Oracle Home process accessing database.
  2. Shutdown RAC Database Instances on all nodes.
  3. Shutdown All ASM instances from all nodes.
  4. Shutdown Node applications running on nodes.
  5. Shut down the Oracle Cluster ware or CRS.

How do I stop ASM clusters?

srvctl stop asm

  1. To manage Oracle ASM on Oracle Database 12c installations, use SRVCTL in the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home for a cluster (Grid home).
  2. You cannot use this command when OCR is stored in Oracle ASM because it will not stop Oracle ASM.

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