What is Redis replication?

What is Redis replication?

Redis replication is non-blocking on the master side. This means that the master will continue to handle queries when one or more replicas perform the initial synchronization or a partial resynchronization. Replication is also largely non-blocking on the replica side.

Can you apply clustering and replication together in Redis?

However, note that Redis Cluster does not implement strong consistency even when synchronous replication is used: it is always possible, under more complex failure scenarios, that a slave that was not able to receive the write will be elected as master.

How does Redis detect replication?

Once we restarted our Redis service on the slave, replication began immediately. You can verify this with Redis’s info command, which reports information about replication. The value of master_host and master_port should match the arguments you used for the slaveof option: info replication.

Where is couchbase data stored?

Note that once it has been specified, the data-file path location should not be used to store any data other than that allocated by Couchbase Server; since all such additional data will be deleted….Default File Paths.

Platform Default directory
Windows C:\Program Files\couchbase\server\var\lib\couchbase\data

How do I set up a cluster on couchbase?

The following is the procedure for creating a new cluster:

  1. Initialize the node.
  2. Rename the node.
  3. Set up the Couchbase Server services.
  4. Set memory quotas.
  5. Establish the administrator name and password.
  6. Setup bucket parameters.

What is couchbase failover?

+ Failover is a process whereby a node can be taken out of a Couchbase cluster with speed.

What is rebalance in couchbase?

Rebalance is a process of re-distributing data and indexes among the available nodes. When you add or remove nodes from your Couchbase Server cluster, the data and indexes are redistributed among the available nodes, and the corresponding internal data is updated to reflect the new distribution.

What is the maximum failures in the specified period and what is the period?

Maximum Failures in the specified period is set to (n-1), where n is the number of nodes participating in your cluster. If the number of nodes that you have is 2, subtracted by 1 is equal 1. So your automatic failover will work only the first time after your setup. Period (measured in hours) is set to 6.

Which server is the current host server?

“Current Host Server” means that’s the node that owns the ‘Cluster Group’. Typically, this group has the Cluster Network Name, Cluster IP, and Witness resources.

Is the cluster allowed to fail back to a preferred owner when the preferred owner is restored?

Question3Is the cluster allowed to fail back to a preferred owner when the preferred owner is restored? No 5.

How do I set up a couchbase server?


  1. Review the system requirements and deployment guidelines. Couchbase Server has a set of system requirements and deployment guidelines that vary depending on your deployment.
  2. Install Couchbase Server on each node in the cluster.
  3. Verify the installation and node availability.
  4. Initialize the Couchbase Server cluster.

How do I start the Couchbase Server on Windows?

To manually start the service from the Windows interface:

  1. Open the Windows Task Manager and select the Services tab to open the Services management console.
  2. Alternatively, select the Start, select Run and then type Services.
  3. Locate the Couchbase Server service and right-click.
  4. Select Start or Stop as appropriate.

What ports does couchbase use?

Detailed Port Description

Port name Default port number (un / encrypted) Client-to-node
rest_port / ssl_rest_port 8091 / 18091 Yes
capi_port / ssl_capi_port 8092 / 18092 Yes
query_port / ssl_query_port 8093 / 18093 Yes
fts_http_port / fts_ssl_port 8094 / 18094 Yes

How do I clean my couchbase bucket?

Once enabled, flushing can be performed by means of Couchbase Web Console: with the Buckets screen displayed, left-click on the row of a bucket for which flushing has been enabled. The displayed options now include the Flush button. When the Flush button is left-clicked on, flushing of the bucket occurs.

How do I install couchbase on Windows?

Basic Installation Download the appropriate package from the Couchbase downloads page. Couchbase Server for Windows is packaged in a standard MSI file. In File Explorer, locate the downloaded Couchbase Server . msi file (typically located in the default \Downloads folder for the current user) and double-click it.

How do I install couchbase on my Mac?

To install Couchbase Server on Mac OSX use the GUI or the command line interface.

  1. Locate the downloaded Couchbase Server . zip file, which typically is located in the default /Downloads folder.
  2. Double-click the downloaded . zip installation file to extract the server.
  3. Drag-and-drop Couchbase Server.

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