What is gesture navigation?

What is gesture navigation?

Gesture navigation: At the very bottom of the screen, swipe from left to right. 2-button navigation: To switch between your 2 most recent apps, swipe right on Home . 3-button navigation: Tap Overview . Swipe right until you find the app you want.

How do I change swipe up on Android?


  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left.
  2. Tap the “Settings” button in the bottom left.
  3. Tap the “Swipe left” or “Swipe right” button.
  4. Select the action you would like that swipe option to do.

How do you change swipe gestures?

Here’s what you need to do to change your swipe settings:

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings > Swipe actions.
  2. Tap the Change button above the Right Swipe and the Left Swipe options.
  3. Select your choice from the menu: archive, delete, mark as read/unread, move to, snooze, or none.

Where do emails go when you swipe right?

By default, swiping right deletes an email (move it to the Deleted Items folder) and swiping left moves an email to your Archive folder.

How do I change the swipe settings in the Mail app?

How to change the swipe options for Mail on iPhone

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Mail.
  3. Tap on Swipe Options.
  4. Choose between None, Mark as Read, Flag and Move Message for Swipe Right.
  5. Choose between None, Mark as Read, Flag and Move Message for Swipe Left.
  6. Your selections will be saved until you change them again.

What is swipe action?

As you know the swipe gesture feature lets you swipe the mails in your inbox to quickly archive it, this action can be changed if you want it for other use, for example, swipe the mails to read or unread, or simply delete, all it needs is a simple swipe.

Is swipe left yes or no?

“Swipe right” means to like or accept someone, while “swipe left” means to reject them. The meaning of these two phrases is taken from one of Tinder’s core mechanics. When a person sees a profile on their Tinder feed, they can either swipe right to show their interest or swipe left if they’re uninterested.

How do I change the swipe options on my iPhone?

Changing the Swipe Options

  1. You will need to be in the Settings section of your iPhone, so navigate to that screen. In the Settings section, scroll down until you find Mail.
  2. Tap on Swipe Options.
  3. Select the swipe action that you want to modify.
  4. Note that the actions available to either action is not the same.

How do you add Delete to swipe options on iPhone?

  1. You can swipe to delete messages in the iPhone’s Mail app, but you’ll need to enable this option in Settings.
  2. By default, you’ll only have the option to “Archive” these emails instead of deleting them.
  3. To add “Delete” to the Mail app’s swipe options, head to the “Accounts” section of the settings menu.

What is swipe gesture on iPhone?

A swipe gesture occurs when the user moves one or more fingers across the screen in a specific horizontal or vertical direction. Use the UISwipeGestureRecognizer class to detect swipe gestures.

How do I change Swipe left to delete?

In settings, you can now assign the left and right swipe to either archive, delete, mark as read or unread, move, or snooze an email. (Snooze being one of Gmail’s other recent — and overdue — additions.) You can change your gestures by going into settings, then general settings, and then choosing “swipe actions.”

How do I change the swipe to delete email on iPhone?

On iOS, head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select one of the email accounts you have set up in Mail. Next, go to Account > Advanced and in the Move Discarded Messages Into area, select either Deleted Mailbox or Archive Mailbox.

How do I change the swipe options in Outlook?

You can currently customize the Swipe feature so that it matches your needs. Head to the Settings > Swipe Options to do so. There, you’ll be able to choose which actions you want the Swipe feature to perform.

How do I move folders in Outlook app?

Moving a folder

  1. Right-click the folder you want to move and, from the menu that appears, choose Move Folder.
  2. In the Move or copy folder window, click where you want to move the folder (i.e., if you want the folder to be a subfolder of the Inbox, click the Inbox).
  3. Click Move.

How do I change the swipe option in Outlook for Mac?

Customize swipe left and swipe right gestures in Outlook

  1. Open Outlook > Preferences.
  2. Choose Reading.
  3. Under Swipe Gestures, set Swipe left and Swipe right for: Delete, Archive, Mark as Read, or Flag.

How do I access my drafts in Outlook Mobile?

Look in the app folder list for Drafts. It’s easy to test. Create a draft email on any Outlook (Windows, Mac, Web, Apple, Android) and make sure it’s saved (that should happen automatically). Then check the Drafts folder on another linked Outlook.

Where did my outlook draft email go?

An updated draft will be available in your drafts folder until the message is sent. If you choose not to send the message and would like to delete the copy from your Drafts folder, simply the select it in the Drafts folder and then click on the trash can icon to move the draft to the trash.

Where do saved Outlook emails go?

Generally if you saved any email in Outlook Client via the file tab, that email will be saved in Draft folder.

How do I permanently save Outlook emails?

Back up your email

  1. Select File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  2. Select Export to a file, and then select Next.
  3. Select Outlook Data File (.pst), and select Next.
  4. Select the mail folder you want to back up and select Next.
  5. Choose a location and name for your backup file, and then select Finish.

Where are my saved emails?

How to Restore Saved or Deleted Emails

  • Log in to your email account where you would like to restore saved or deleted emails.
  • Click on the “Saved” and “Deleted” folders found in the vertical navigation bar at the left of your email account page.

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