What does the directory is not empty mean?

What does the directory is not empty mean?

It mainly occurs when you try to delete a folder from external hard disk or SD card or pen drive, but it can also happen when deleting a file from the system drive. Before you begin to restart your computer and try.

How do I fix the directory is not empty?

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  1. The Directory Is Not Empty.
  2. Substitute: Delete File or Folder via Command Prompt.
  3. Solution 1: Rename the Folder.
  4. Solution 2: Check and Fix Bad Sectors.
  5. Solution 3: Restart Windows Explorer.
  6. Solution 4: Change the File or Folder’s Permissions.
  7. Solution 5: Scan Your Computer for Viruses.
  8. We Want Your Voice.

Which one of the following command can delete a directory which is not empty?

rmdir command

How do you delete a directory which is not empty in Linux?

There are two commands that one can use to delete non empty directories in Linux operating system: rmdir command – Delete directory only if it is empty. rm command – Remove directory and all files even if it is NOT empty by passing the -r to the rm to remove a directory that is not empty.

Which command is used to remove a empty directory?


How do I run a diff between two files?

Comparing files (diff command)

  1. To compare two files, type the following: diff chap1.bak chap1. This displays the differences between the chap1.
  2. To compare two files while ignoring differences in the amount of white space, type the following: diff -w prog.c.bak prog.c.

What does the following command do kill %2?

7. What does the following command do? Explanation: We can use the identifiers like job number, job name or a string of arguments with kill command to terminate a job. Thus kill %2 will kill the second background job.

What are the options for KILL command?

kill command options

Option Meaning Example(s)
-s signal_name A symbolic signal name specifying the signal to be sent instead of the default TERM kill -s KILL 201 kill -s TERM 201kill -s SIGKILL 1313
-l Print a list of signal names kill -l kill -l 19kill -l KILL

Is Kill a swear word?

Yes, “kill”, not like in “I gonna kill your mother” but like in “stop trying to kill a Crusher with Fire Bolts” Or, the basic “uh, you could have killed me”.

What does kill slang mean?

verb. to have sexually intercourse with someone. I killed two different girls yesterday. She did not let me kill.

What type of verb is killing?

[transitive] kill somebody it kills somebody to do something (informal) (usually used in the progressive tenses and not used in the passive) to cause someone pain or suffering My feet are killing me.

What word is kill?

Kill, execute, murder all mean to deprive of life. Kill is the general word, with no implication of the manner of killing, the agent or cause, or the nature of what is killed (whether human being, animal, or plant): to kill a person.

How do you say kill nicely?


  1. drown.
  2. execute.
  3. hit.
  4. massacre.
  5. murder.
  6. slaughter.
  7. slay.
  8. wipe out.

What’s the opposite of kill?

What is the opposite of kill?

repel deter
drive off put off
turn away turn off
bore create
bear depress

What words rhyme with killed?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
willed 100 Verb, Adjective
chilled 100 Verb, Adjective
billed 100 Adjective
unfulfilled 100 Adjective

What is another word for killed?

What is another word for killed?

took claimed
put to sleep murdered
executed slaughtered
massacred assassinated
eradicated erased

What word rhymes with lives?

Words That Rhyme With “Lives” :

  • 1 syllable: chives, dives, drive’s, drives, five’s, fives, hives, Ives, knives, rives, shives, strives, thrives, wives.
  • 2 syllables: arrives, deprives, derives, revives, survives. About | Privacy | Words | Feedback. © 2021 RhymeDesk.com.

What word rhymes with world?

Word Rhyme rating Meter
curled 100 [/]
hurled 100 [/]
whirled 100 [/]
swirled 100 [/]

Which word has most rhymes?

Examples of perfect rhymes are “day and “way” and “claim” and “same.” Some words have just one or two perfect rhyming words, others have dozens; for example, the word “most” has the, um, most rhymes — more than 102 (1-12 syllable options).

What is the opposite of world?

What is the opposite of world?

cosmos outer space
space universe
heavens void

What rhymes on away?

What rhymes with away?

  • 1 syllable. Way. Ray. Pray. Spray. Stray. Yea. May. Grey. Lay. Play. Slay.
  • 2 syllables. Sunday. Today. Someday. Astray. Monday. Subway. Convey. Runway. Fillet. Hurray.
  • 3 syllables. Runaway. Getaway. Holiday. Faraway. Disarray. Castaway. Layaway. Vertebrae. Disobey. Hideaway.
  • 4 syllables. Naivete. Mcconaughey. Cama. Salvadore. Cabriolet.

What word rhymes with days?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
daze 100 Noun
bouquets 100 Noun
amaze 100 Verb
strays 100 Noun, Verb

What Rhymes With apart?

Words That Rhyme With “Apart” :

  • 1 syllable: art, Bart, Bert, blurt, Burt, cart, carte, cert, chart, chert, clart, curt, dart, dirt, fart, flirt, girt, hart, Harte, heart, hurt, Kurt, mart, part, peart, pert, quirt, scart, shirt, skirt, smart, spirt, spurt, squirt, start, sturt, tart, vert, wert, whort, wort.
  • 2 syllables:
  • 3 syllables:
  • 4 syllables:

Does decay rhyme with away?

Word Rhyme rating Meter
say 100 [/]
away 100 [x/]
play 100 [/]
today 100 [x/]

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