How does MongoDB store time series data?

How does MongoDB store time series data?

We evaluated two methods of using MongoDB as a time-series database: “Mongo-naive”: a naive, document-per-event method….We compared MongoDB and TimescaleDB across several dimensions:

  1. Insert (write) performance.
  2. Query (read) performance.
  3. Disk storage footprint.
  4. Implementation cost and code maintenance.

How is time series data stored?

Time series data is best stored in a time series database (TSDB) built specifically for handling metrics and events that are time-stamped. This is because time series data is often ingested in massive volumes that require a purpose-built database designed to handle that scale.

What is timestamp in MongoDB?

Introduction to MongoDB Timestamp. In MongoDB, a special timestamp type is provided by BSON for the internal use and is not connected with the MongoDB’s regular data type for Data. The Timestamp for internal use is of 64 bit of value, where this 64 bit is a combination of two 32 bit values.

How does MongoDB store duration?

You should use an integer for that. MongoDB has two data types especially for timekeeping: Date and Timestamp. But these are meant to represent a specific point in time. They aren’t suitable for expressing durations (also, timestamp is for internal use.

Is NoSQL good for time series?

NoSQL for time series use cases. Gaining high performance for time series from a SQL database requires significant customization and configuration. Without that, unless you’re working with a very small dataset, a SQL-based database will simply not work properly.

Why is MongoDB fast?

MongoDB is faster than MySQL due to its ability to handle large amounts of unstructured data when it comes to speed. It uses slave replication, master replication to process vast amounts of unstructured data and offers the freedom to use multiple data types that are better than the rigidity of MySQL.

Is MongoDB fast enough?

11 Answers. MongoDB isn’t like a traditional relational database. It’s noSQL or document based, it provides weak consistency guarantees, and it doesn’t have to guarantee consistency like SQL. MongoDB is fast because its web scale!

Is there a MongoDB certification?

Currently, we offer two exams: MongoDB Certified Developer, Associate Level and MongoDB Certified DBA, Associate Level. In the future, we will provide certification at the Professional and Master levels for each role.

Why is MongoDB a NoSQL database?

MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database. MongoDB is a document-based database. MongoDB is one of the leading NoSQL databases. NoSQL database is a type of non-relational database, and it is capable of processing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

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