How do you make a polygon graph?

How do you make a polygon graph?

Steps to Draw a Frequency Polygon

  1. Mark all the class marks on the horizontal axis. It is also known as the mid-value of every class.
  2. Corresponding to each class mark, plot the frequency as given to you.
  3. Join all the plotted points using a line segment.
  4. This resulting curve is called the frequency polygon.

How do you make a frequency polygon online?

First, you need to have the frequency distribution of the data, either in terms of the frequency of individual values, or in terms of classes. Second, you put the classes (or individual values) on the X-axis, and their frequencies on the Y-axis, and graph all the corresponding (X, Y) points.

How do you make a polygon and histogram in Excel?

To create the frequency polygon:

  1. Right-click on the chart, then click on Select Data.
  2. Click on Add.
  3. For the Series Values, select the same range that you selected for histogram.
  4. Click OK, then click OK again.
  5. Right-click a bar of the second histogram, then click on Change Series Chart Type.

How do you create an ogive in Excel?

Example: How to Create an Ogive in Excel

  1. Step 1: Enter the data. Enter the data values in a single column:
  2. Step 2: Define the class limits. Next, define the class limits you’d like to use for the ogive.
  3. Step 3: Find class frequencies.
  4. Step 4: Find cumulative frequencies.
  5. Step 5: Create the ogive graph.

How do you make an ogive?

Ogive Chart

  1. Draw and mark the horizontal and vertical axes.
  2. Take the cumulative frequencies along the y-axis (vertical axis) and the upper-class limits on the x-axis (horizontal axis).
  3. Against each upper-class limit, plot the cumulative frequencies.
  4. Connect the points with a continuous curve.

Does an ogive start at 0?

The Ogive is a frequency polygon (line plot) graph of the cumulative frequency or the relative cumulative frequency. The horizontal axis is marked with the class boundaries and the vertical axis is the frequency. Start with 0 for the first value because there is nothing less than the first lower class boundary.

How do you do less than ogive?

Hint: To draw less than ogive for the given data, we have drawn X and Y axes. We will take cumulative frequencies along the y-axis and the upper-class limits on the x-axis. Now, we should plot cumulative frequencies against each upper class. We have drawn a continuous curve by connecting these points.

Is ogive a line diagram?

An ogive is a special kind of line graph. This kind of graph looks just like a line graph, but think of an ogive as an “accumulated” line graph.

What is a downward sloping ogive?

More than ogive is a decreasing curve sloping downward from left to right and has the shape of an elongated S, upside down.

What does ogive mean?

1a : a diagonal arch or rib across a Gothic vault. b : a pointed arch. 2 : a graph of a cumulative distribution function or a cumulative frequency distribution.

What is ogive diagram?

An ogive (oh-jive), sometimes called a cumulative frequency polygon, is a type of frequency polygon that shows cumulative frequencies. An ogive graph plots cumulative frequency on the y-axis and class boundaries along the x-axis.

What shape is ogive?

An ogive or ogival arch is a pointed, “Gothic” arch, drawn with compasses as outlined above, or with arcs of an ellipse as described. A very narrow, steeply pointed ogive arch is sometimes called a “lancet arch”. The most common form is an equilateral arch, where the radius is the same as the width.

Who invented ogive?

Francis Galton

What is frequency curve?

A smooth curve which corresponds to the limiting case of a histogram computed for a frequency distribution of a continuous distribution as the number of data points becomes very large.

What is another name for frequency curve?


What is the name of C * * * * * * * * * frequency curve?

A curve that represents the cumulative frequency distribution of grouped data on a graph is called a Cumulative Frequency Curve or an Ogive.

What the class of maximum frequency is called?

The class which has maximum frequency is called model class.

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