How do you create a database in Derby?

How do you create a database in Derby?

Creating a Derby database and running SQL statements

  1. Run the Derby ij tool.
  2. Create the database and open a connection to the database using the embedded driver.
  3. Create a table with two columns using standard SQL.
  4. Insert three records.
  5. Perform a simple select of all records in the table.

How do I create a Derby database in NetBeans?

Running Derby after Installation

  1. Select the latest version of NetBeans and start it.
  2. Open the Services window (available from the window menu in NetBeans)
  3. Right-click Java DB and start the server…
  4. Once server is started, create a database: right-click on Java DB and choose create database and fill out the information.

How do I download Derby database?

Download the Derby database software from the Apache website at

  1. Extract the files into the directory that you have created for the Derby database.
  2. Set the DERBY_HOME system variable to the location of your Derby installation.

How do I install Hive on Windows 10?

Hive installation on Windows 10

  1. Hive Introduction.
  2. Hive Installation.
  3. STEP – 1: Extract the Hive file.
  4. STEP – 2: Extract the Derby file.
  5. STEP – 3: Moving hive-site. xml file.
  6. STEP – 4: Moving Derby libraries.
  7. STEP – 5: Configure Environment variables.
  8. STEP – 6: Configure System variables.

Can we run hive on Windows?

Starting Apache Hive x version is not built for Windows (only in some Hive 2. x versions). To get things working, we should download the necessary *. cmd files from the following link:

How do I connect to PySpark remote with Hive cluster?

How to Connect to Remote Hive Cluster with PySpark

  1. Copy core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml, hive-site.xml, hbase-site.xml, from your cluster running hive, and paste it to your spark’s /conf directory.
  2. add any jar files to spark’s /jar directory.
  3. run pyspark.
  4. Create a spark session and make sure to enable hive support.

How does Hive connect to SQL Developer?

Apache Hive Connection setup:

  1. Click on the New Connection in SQL Developer.
  2. Click on Hive tab.
  3. Tools -> Preferences -> Database -> Third party JDBC drivers again.
  4. Give a connection name, username in Hive or Hue such as hive, Hostname of the hiverserver2, Port default is 10000, Database: default.

How do I connect to a hive server remotely?

3 Answers

  1. Put hive-site. xml on your classpath , and specify hive. metastore. uri s to where your hive metastore hosted.
  2. Import org. apache. spark. sql.
  3. Define val sqlContext = new org. apache. spark. sql.
  4. Verify sqlContext. sql(“show tables”) to see if it works.

How do I connect to my hive locally?

To connect to Hive running on remote cluster, just pass the IP address and Port on JDBC connection string. By not providing a username and password, it prompts for the credentials to enter. In case if you are running on LOCAL, you can also try with the localhost, hostname, or 127.0. 0.1 instead of remote IP address.

How do I access hive from PySpark?

Make sure you’re using the %pyspark interpreter.

  1. Use spark.sql to Work with Hive.
  2. Example 1: Create a Table.
  3. Example 2: Remove a Table.
  4. Example 3: Create a File with 9000 Rows.
  5. Example 4: Load from the DataFrame Folder.
  6. Example 5: Load from a .csv File.
  7. Example 6: Insert from One Table to Another.

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