How do I verify a Cognito user?

How do I verify a Cognito user?

Call the SignUp API action, and provide the email address and phone number for the UserAttributes parameter. At this point, Amazon Cognito sends a verification code to the user’s phone. In your app interface, present a confirmation page where the user enters the verification code.

How do I verify my email on AWS Cognito?

Amazon Cognito can automatically verify email addresses or mobile phone numbers by sending a verification codeā€”or, for email, a verification link. For email addresses, the code or link is sent in an email message. For phone numbers, the code is sent in an SMS text message.

How does Cognito user pool work?

A user pool is a user directory in Amazon Cognito. With a user pool, your users can sign in to your web or mobile app through Amazon Cognito. Your users can also sign in through social identity providers like Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Apple, and through SAML identity providers.

How do you make a Cognito user pool?

Tutorial: Creating a User Pool

  1. Go to the Amazon Cognito console . You may be prompted for your AWS credentials.
  2. Choose Manage User Pools.
  3. Choose Create a user pool.
  4. Provide a name for your user pool and choose Review defaults to save the name.
  5. On the Review page, choose Create pool.

How do I log into Cognito user pools?

  1. Choose App client settings from the navigation bar on the left-side of the console page.
  2. Select Cognito User Pool as one of the Enabled Identity Providers.
  3. Enter Callback URL(s).
  4. Enter Sign out URL(s).
  5. Select Authorization code grant to return an authorization code that is then exchanged for user pool tokens.

What does account pool mean in Amazon?

Amazon Cognito identity pools provide temporary AWS credentials for users who are guests (unauthenticated) and for users who have been authenticated and received a token. An identity pool is a store of user identity data specific to your account. To create a new identity pool in the console.

What does account pool mean?

Account pooling at the bank level refers to the physical movement of money from many bank accounts to one account (even though in notional pooling, there is no true physical movement of funds).

What is meant by Cognito?

1 : the philosophical principle that one’s existence is demonstrated by the fact that one thinks. 2 : the intellectual processes of the self or ego.

Where is Cognito?

Cognito NY is now located at 1040 Avenue of the Americas, at the corner of 6th Avenue and 39th Street, placing us in the center of Manhattan, right next to the beautiful Bryant Park.

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