How do I get row data in kendo grid?

How do I get row data in kendo grid?

data(“kendoGrid”); //Getting selected item var selectedItem = gview. dataItem(gview. select()); //accessing selected rows data alert(selectedItem. email);

How do you refresh a kendo grid?

In order to refresh the data to which grid is bound, you should call its dataSource read method: 1- Try to disable the cache in Kendo grid’s datasource read property. and then, 2- $( “#grid” ).

How do I destroy Kendo grid?

To properly destroy widgets that were declaratively created through the Kendo UI MVVM mechanism:

  1. Use the kendo. unbind() method to remove any MVVM bindings related to the widget.
  2. Call kendo. destroy() for the appropriate container, or the destroy() method of each widget inside this container.

How do you rebind the Kendo grid?

Bind data to Kendo Grid by using AJAX Read action method. Change the datasource on change event of any HTML controls. Normally, a developer can bind the data to Grid by using AJAX Read method. This read method is ActionResult method in MVC which will return JSON DataSourceResult & direclty bind the data to Grid.

How do I change Kendo grid datasource dynamically?

DataSource ({ data: dataString }); where dataString is of the format “{ column1: value1, column2: value2 }” or “[ { column1: value1, column2, value2 } ]” followed by: $(gridId). data(‘kendoGrid’).

How do you refresh the grid?

Refresh Cells: api. refreshCells(cellRefreshParams) – Gets the grid to refresh all cells. Change detection will be used to refresh only cells whose display cell values are out of sync with the actual value. If using a cellRenderer with a refresh method, the refresh method will get called.

How do I delete Kendo grid dataSource?

clear kendo grid in jQuery

  2. $(‘#kendoGrid’).data().kendoGrid.destroy();
  3. $(‘#kendoGrid’).empty();
  4. OR.
  6. $(“#kendoGrid”).data(“kendoGrid”)[]);

How do you clear a kendo grid filter?

Thanks for your help.

  1. $(“.k-grid-clearfilters”).click(function() {
  2. // Clear the grid filters.
  3. var gridDataSource = $(“#departmentgrid”).data(“kendoGrid”).dataSource;
  4. for (var i = 0; i < gridDataSource.options.fields.length – 1; i++) {
  5. gridDataSource.filter({ field: gridDataSource.options.fields[i].field, value: “” });
  6. }

How do I remove the filter from my Kendo grid?

You have to modify the filter object to remove your filter, then set the filter to the modified filter object: var datasource = $(“#Grid”). data(“kendoGrid”).

How do I get row data in kendo grid?

How do I get row data in kendo grid?

Getting Rows by ID var rowModel = gridObject. dataSource. get(10249); // get method of the Kendo UI dataSource object var modelUID = rowModel. get(“uid”); // get method of the Kendo UI Model object var tableRow = $(“[data-uid='” + modelUID + “‘]”); // the data-uid attribute is applied to the desired table row element.

How do I select the first row in kendo grid?

kendo-grid=”vehicleTypeGrid” k-sortable=”true” k-data-source=”vm. primaryEntityList” k-pageable='{“pageSizes”:true }’ k-selectable=”true” k-columns=’vm. primaryEntityGridColumns’ k-on-change=”vm.

How do I turn off grid row in kendo?

  1. It will disable all the field of the row but If suppose I want to disable only one field then what to do?
  2. Use var fieldName = grid.columns[e.container.index()].field; for finding the field name of the column being edited.
  3. Ok..but if we want to disable more than one columns in a row? –

How do I select all rows in kendo grid?

To get the dataItem for each selected row:

  1. In the change event handler, get and save the rows in a variable by using the select method.
  2. Loop through the rows by using the each jQuery method.
  3. Get every row data by using the dataItem method.

How do I get column values in kendo grid?

4 Answers

  1. var gridDataArray = $( ‘#myGrid’ ).data( ‘kendoGrid’ )._data;
  2. var columnDataVector = [];
  3. var columnName = ‘aFieldInModel’ ;
  4. for ( var index=0; index
  5. columnDataVector[index] = gridDataArray[index][columnName];
  6. };
  7. alert(columnDataVector);

How do I add a button in kendo grid?

Kendo Grid has a toolbar in which you can add buttons to the top of the grid….So your Kendo Grid should look like below:

  1. @{ Html. Kendo(). Grid()
  2. . Name(“gridAbc”)
  3. . Columns(columns =>
  4. {
  5. columns. Bound(c => c.ID);
  6. })
  7. . Resizable(r => r. Columns(true))

How do I turn off the column in Kendo grid?

  1. try disabling all controls inside that row like grid._data[0].find(”).attr(‘disabled’,’disabled’); – Rudresha Parameshappa Dec 5 ’13 at 8:40.
  2. How you looking with your issue any progress ? – Vojtiik Dec 12 ’13 at 12:50.
  3. Hi Bobby, instead disable it i hide the column. Thank you – Supermode Dec 16 ’13 at 0:47.

How does Kendo grid read data?

If you want to get all pages of the filtered data you can use this: var dataSource = $(“#grid”). data(“kendoGrid”). dataSource; var filters = dataSource.

How do I get column name in kendo grid?

1 Answer. Try the follwing code. var columnsNames =””; var columns = $(“#CircuitGrid”). data(“kendoGrid”).

How can I get the data items of the selected rows in the Kendo UI grid?

How can I get all the data items of the selected rows when using the selectable column in the Kendo UI Grid? In the change event handler, get and save the rows in a variable by using the select method. Loop through the rows by using the each jQuery method. Get every row data by using the dataItem method.

What do you need to know about Kendo UI treelist?

Kendo UI TreeList needs a data source from which it will retrieve the data for display. The widget uses a special type which contains instances of a custom that represents the data items.

Which is part of Kendo UI for jQuery?

The TreeList enables the display of self-referencing tabular data and allows sorting, filtering, and data editing. The TreeList is part of Kendo UI for jQuery, a professional grade UI library with 90+ components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

How do I create a new kendo DataSource?

I click the create child button, input my data and click “Update”. This takes me to the “create” definition of my Kendo dataSource: At this point I need to get the row index of the new row but I can’t seem to find the right way to do that.

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