How do I get my Android device ID in react native?

How do I get my Android device ID in react native?

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  1. install pre request apps (node – Java Development Kit – android studio – xcode – react native cli )
  2. run command react-native init MyProjectName.
  3. cd your project folder cd MyProjectName.
  4. run react-native run-android or react-native run-ios.

Does react native work on iOS and Android?

You have picked React Native to build cross-platform native apps on both iOS and Android. Code once and it works on both iOS and Android.

How do I find my device ID in react native?

You can use DeviceInfo. getUniqueId() to handle device’s unique id. import DeviceInfo from ‘react-native-device-info’; DeviceInfo. getUniqueId().

How do you check if device is Android or iOS in react native?

On Android, the Platform module can also be used to detect the version of the Android Platform in which the app is running:

  1. import { Platform } from ‘react-native’;
  2. if (Platform. Version === 25) {
  3. console. log(‘Running on Nougat!’);
  4. }

How do I check my screen size in react?

“react detect screen size” Code Answer’s

  1. import { useState, useEffect } from ‘react’;
  2. function getWindowDimensions() {
  3. const { innerWidth: width, innerHeight: height } = window;
  4. return {
  5. width,
  6. height.
  7. };

How do I know if my browser is in react?

window. opera || navigator. userAgent. indexOf(‘ OPR/’) >= 0; // Firefox 1.0+ const isFirefox = typeof InstallTrigger !==

How do I view the react app on my phone?

Simply pull up your device’s browser and type in the IPv4 Address you copied down earlier followed by a colon and then the port number. The format should look something like the following: 555.55. 55.555:1234 once you hit enter, you should see your React App live on your mobile device!

How convert react JS to APK?

Step 3: Generate a Release APK using Android Studio

  1. Open your app in Android Studio by browsing to the android folder of your React Native project.
  2. Navigate to the Build tab, then click on Generate signed bundle / APK.
  3. Select APK to generate release APK for your React Native Android project.

Does Expo work on iOS?

Run Expo on your own device (iOS) To get it running on your device. Download the Expo Client App on your iOS device, register for a free account or login.

How do I install the expo app on my phone?

To run it on your Android device, make sure you have the Android platform tools installed along with adb , then just run adb install app-filename.apk with USB debugging enabled on your device and the device plugged in.

How do I open the Expo app in iOS?

As the Expo Client App is updated due to new Apple’s approval requirements, please follow the steps below to launch the App in a real iOS device:

  1. Connect both your computer and your iOS device with same Wi-Fi.
  2. In Expo XDE, select Host > LAN (please refer to eden’s answer)

How do I open the expo client app?

Opening the app on your phone/tablet 🤖 On your Android device, press “Scan QR Code” on the “Projects” tab of the Expo Go app and scan the QR code you see in the terminal or in Expo Dev Tools.

How do you make an app for Expo?

Install Expo CLI by running npm install -g expo-cli . Run expo init PROJECT_NAME . Choose the project template that best suits you. EAS Build also works well with projects created by npx create-react-native-app , npx react-native , ignite-cli , and other project bootstrapping tools.

How do I use Expo client?

  1. Step 1: Install Expo (on your computer and phone!) npm install -g expo-cli. Install Expo on your iPhone.
  2. Step 2: Initialize your React Native project. expo init.
  3. Step 3: View your Project. Scan the QR code with your mobile device to open your project.

How do I open an Expo project?

Running in the Browser

  1. Install the latest version of the Expo CLI: npm i -g expo-cli.
  2. Add web dependencies: expo install react-native-web react-dom. Ensure your project has at least expo@^33.0. 0 installed.
  3. Start your project with expo start then press w to start Webpack and open the project in the browser.

How can I tell if EXPO command line is installed?

“how to check expo cli version” Code Answer’s

  1. npm install -g expo-cli.
  2. npx expo-cli init projectName.
  3. cd projectName.
  4. npm run ios.
  5. npm run android.

How do I install packages in Expo?

The expo install command will pick a version of the library that is compatible with your project and then use your JavaScript package manager (such as npm) to install it.

When should you use Expo install?

In the installation docs expo install is used to add the package to the npm dependencies instead of NPM install.

How do I get my Android device ID in react native?

How do I get my Android device ID in react native?

You can use DeviceInfo. getUniqueId() to handle device’s unique id. import DeviceInfo from ‘react-native-device-info’; DeviceInfo. getUniqueId().

How do I find my serial number in react native?


  1. In XCode, in the project navigator, right click Libraries ➜ Add Files to [your project’s name]
  2. Go to node_modules ➜ react-native-get-serial-number and add GetSerialNumber.xcodeproj.
  3. In XCode, in the project navigator, select your project.
  4. Run your project ( Cmd+R )<

How do I get my IMEI number from react native?

It is usually printed inside the battery slot, however you can also print it on the screen by typing*#06#. This number also can be obtained, having the respective permissions of the Android OS, from an application.

How do I find my browser device ID?

Safari :

  1. Go on your website and get optin.
  2. Click right on your mouse pad and inspect.
  3. Click on the Stockage tab.
  4. Click on Local Storage.
  5. Click on the URL ending by “”
  6. Your device ID will show up in the field “UDID”

How do you check if device is Android or iOS in react-native?

React Native Platform – To Detect Android or iOS Device

  1. 1 React Native Platform.
  2. 2 To Import Platform in Code.
  3. 3 Detect Device Using.
  4. 4 To Make a React Native App.
  5. 5 Code. 5.1 App.js.
  6. 6 To Run the React Native App.
  7. 7 Output Screenshot.
  8. 8 Output in Online Emulator.

How do I find my IMEI Android 10?

Method 2: Check IMEI in Settings For the second method, you can navigate to Settings > About phone (or My phone > All specs > Status). Once there, just scroll to the bottom to get IMEI on Android 10.

How to get device ID in React Native?

I am using Create-react-native app and yarn start. The output will be on device through Expo app Instead of expo you can create a project using react-native CLI. Then you can use react-native-device-info package. I tried with following versions and it worked for me.

Do you need a plugin for React Native?

React Native does not provide all the required device details out-of-the-box, that’s why a plugin is needed to retrieve these information. The plugin used is react-native-device-info.

Which is the latest version of Xcode for React Native?

⚠️ If you are on React Native > 0.47, you must use version 0.11.0 of this library or higher (or using rnpm for versions of React Native < 0.27) In XCode, in the project navigator, select your project. Click .xcodeproj file you added before in the project navigator and go the Build Settings tab. Make sure All is toggled on (instead of Basic ).

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