Can I share a Surveymonkey survey with another account?

Can I share a Surveymonkey survey with another account?

You can send a copy of a survey design to another account, as long as the receiving account is a paid account. Your survey and its responses remain in your account.

How do I send a survey via email?

Successful survey invitation emails can be written with these suggestions

  1. Use a Clear Email Subject Line.
  2. Say Who Has Been Asked to Participate.
  3. Explain the Survey’s Purpose.
  4. Create Urgency With a Deadline.
  5. Mention Time Needed to Participate.
  6. Explain Incentives.

Can you share a Surveymonkey survey for free?

With a Basic (free) plan, you can create and send a survey with up to 10 questions or elements (including question types, descriptive text, or images). If you need to upgrade to use a feature, you’ll see a notification in your account.

Where can I post a survey to get responses for free?

What types of channels should I go after?

  • Friends and Family.
  • Facebook Groups.
  • Forums.
  • Slack Groups.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Twitter.
  • People on the Street.

Where can I share my survey for free?

Keep reading to learn about each tool and determine which of these may be the best survey tools for you.

  1. Google Forms. Surveys: Unlimited.
  2. SurveyMonkey. Surveys: Unlimited.
  3. Typeform. Surveys: Unlimited.
  4. SurveyLegend. Surveys: 3 per account.
  5. Polldaddy. Surveys: Unlimited.
  6. Survey Planet. Surveys: Unlimited.
  7. SurveyNuts.
  8. Zoho Survey.

Where can I post my survey to get responses?

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media channels are your best bet for getting responses for free. But always keep in mind that surveys that let ANYONE answer them will have more more bias.

How do I get my surveys answered?

Here are four effective methods for increasing your survey response rates, from sending the right message to offering incentives:

  1. The Main Message: Make Them Feel Special.
  2. Eye on the Prize: Provide Incentives.
  3. Don’t Waste Their Time: Keep Surveys Relevant.
  4. Be Top-of-Mind: Offer Surveys in Multiple Channels.

What is the best way to improve response rates on a mailed survey?

The best way to get a high response rate with mail surveys, is to highlight in the cover letter that you are offering an incentive. You should always tailor the incentive to your target audience.

How do you get people to participate in a survey?

Show people you’re grateful for the time they took to fill out your survey beyond a thank you page or incentive. Publish a report of your findings on your website, or ask respondents for their contact information so you can follow up with them. Tell them how you’ve used their input to make positive changes.

How do you distribute a survey?

4 Ways to Distribute Online Surveys

  1. Send email surveys.
  2. Add surveys to your website.
  3. Embed surveys in blog posts.
  4. Share surveys over social media.

What is the best time to send a survey?

Tuesday is the most popular time to send survey invitations. 10-11 am local time is the most popular time to send surveys. The last week of the month is the most popular time to send invitations. Tuesday has the quickest response time to surveys than any other day.

Is SurveyMonkey really anonymous?

SurveyMonkey provides the tools for creators to configure their surveys how they want. This includes allowing them to collect strictly anonymous responses, or to choose to identify their respondents. Oh, and SurveyMonkey never peeks at your responses unless the survey creator gives us permission to.

Can SurveyMonkey see your IP address?

By default, most collectors track the IP address of your respondents as response metadata. However, if you turn on Anonymous Responses, your respondents’ IP addresses won’t be tracked. If you want to track other identifying information, make sure to also choose another tracking method.

How do I make my SurveyMonkey survey not anonymous?

Email Invitations

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey.
  2. Click the name of the collector.
  3. Go to the collector options.
  4. Click Anonymous Responses.
  5. Choose to exclude all respondent information to exclude first name, last name, email address, IP address, and custom data from your results.

Does Google Forms track IP address?

Tracing the details like IP address, geolocation, browsers, etc, of form respondents, can help you in eliminating the abusive responses that can ruin your important surveys. But, as you know Google Forms does not allow you to track the IP addresses of the respondent.

How do I keep my survey anonymous?

To ensure your survey remains 100% anonymous, remember:

  1. Do not include any questions that ask the respondent for identifying details.
  2. Make sure that respondents can opt-out of receiving your survey invitations.
  3. Be transparent about why you are collecting the data and how it will be used.

What are the disadvantages of survey?


  • Respondents may not feel encouraged to provide accurate, honest answers.
  • Respondents may not feel comfortable providing answers that present themselves in a unfavorable manner.
  • Respondents may not be fully aware of their reasons for any given answer because of lack of memory on the subject, or even boredom.

Can you be fired for an anonymous survey?

It is legal, yes. File for unemployment. You don’t have to sign any of the paperwork that they send you unless your employment agreement stated that you must upon termination, and unless it is giving you a severance, I wouldn’t sign it without having someone review it.

What is the difference between confidential and anonymous?

Confidentiality refers to a condition in which the researcher knows the identity of a research subject, but takes steps to protect that identity from being discovered by others. Anonymity is a condition in which the identity of individual subjects is not known to researchers.

Is the Great Place to Work survey confidential?

The Company Employee is assured that their participation is completely confidential and voluntary. The Survey Responses come directly to GPTW.

Is glint survey really confidential?

Are Glint surveys confidential? We work with your organization to keep your survey data secure and private. At a team level, Glint protects confidentiality by: Giving only administrators in your organization permission to read employees’ aggregated comments for the purpose of extracting themes and trends.

Why do companies use surveys?

Surveys allow a business to efficiently collect honest feedback, opinions and responses from customers and use that information to improve different areas of the business. Survey responses can confirm or provoke discussions on strategic business decisions and provide unbiased data to guide decision making.

Why do we do employee surveys?

Surveys facilitate ongoing communication, improving employee engagement. The best employee surveys not only provide feedback, but are actionable so that you can improve over time. Conducting an employee survey shows that you’re invested in communicating with your staff.

How often should you survey employees?

Employee pulse survey frequency is often monthly or weekly. These are shorter, regular employee opinion surveys, typically 10-15 questions and should take no longer than a few minutes to complete. A pulse survey is best used to follow up and track progress from your baseline engagement survey findings.

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